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Thanks to our extensive network of partners, local providers, and essential services at each destination, organizers and corporate event planners can repeatedly benefit from NextRetreat.

Our unique environments and customized planning allow for the selection and execution of various event types, tailored to the size and preferences of any group.

Let’s find the right venue and organise your workation, bootcamp, meetup or a retreat for your team members. Modern boutique hotel, secluded villa, finca-style coliving space, mountain retreat with SPA or something less traditional like a Moorish castle? Use NextRetreat app or we can help you pick the right venue and secure great accommodation, space for work & meetings, activities and extra services to go along with it. Focus on your business and leave the rest to our expert team.




“This place is fantastic. Really practical for a large group, everyone has their own space if they need it. The views are fabulous, every room and terrace has a view to the Atlantic with an amazing sunset every evening to look forward to..

– John Brocklehurst, Producer at Mobfilms




Case Study
Remote Workers Camp

The first ever Remote Workers Camp brought together aspiring remote professionals, online business owners and experienced mentors for a week of fun, remote work, learning and professional growth in Tenerife. The Remote Workers Camp is designed to help individuals learn how to make a living working online. Organisers take campers through the steps to becoming a remote working professional and help kickstart their path to location independence.

NextRetreat provided campers and mentors with accommodation, working spaces, activities and services during one week. The event was a success!

Event Summary

“I had a lot of fun. It was a great place to connect with others, work or to relax and enjoy the pool. Every other day we made a trip somewhere.. It was great!

– Ben Rozenberg, Attendee at Remote Workers Camp


Your team retreat workspaces can be decked out with spacious desks, fast WiFi and most importantly – an espresso machine or a served coffee break. Do you need meeting spaces or conference rooms? No problem, contact the NextRetreat team now.


NextRetreat can provide a range of working spaces, communal areas or an office decked out with spacious desks, ergonomic chairs, amenities and more importantly – an espresso machine. Need meeting room or conference space? Explore featured venues or contact our team!


From mountain wilderness hikes, dog-sledding, surfing or stand-up paddle to yoga, gaming, escape rooms, or wine-tasting, we can facilitate an array of fun activities to promote team building and make your team retreat more effective and totally unforgettable. Find out what’s on at your next destination.

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