Bring your team together in the real world

We have all had enough of the couch office. With the borders slowly but surely reopening, it’s time to dream again. Where will you take your team first?

Why go on a team retreat

If the past months taught us something, it’s that remote work is perfectly doable. Whether you’re a super agile team or one that prefers asynchronous workflows, you’ve probably realised that an office in the traditional sense might not be necessary.

But let’s face it: even remote teams always reach peak performance when they come together.

Team spirit goes up, productivity skyrockets, creative juices are flowing, team motivation is on the rise and communication is as fluent as ever.

Add a beautiful sunny location to the mix, top it up with work-ready, team-friendly accommodation, and you’re all set for some of the most productive time of the year.


Organising a team retreat has never been an easy task

The most common challenges include:

There’s a better, stress-free way

Save 100+ hours

Research, plan and book everything with ease to save valuable time.

Stay on budget

Know the price for each venue without having to use RFP systems or inquire about it.

Search easily

Waste no effort on crunching through hundreds of unfitting places.

Remain flexible

Be ready for sudden lockdowns and other factors you can’t control.

Peace of mind

Arrive rested and confident, having a point of contact if anything goes sideways.

Why NextRetreat

Research, plan and book efficiently

Building a team retreat with NextRetreat means saving 100+ hours per trip. Team-ready venues speed up your research, booking everything from one place simplifies the purchasing process, and bringing your team into a nearby location unlocks more time for work and play.

Venues designed with teams in mind

Waste no time on crunching through hundreds of unfitting places. NextRetreat puts teams first, so every venue you see could be The One. And booking it is always just a few clicks away.

Peace of mind and a helping hand

Last-minute change of plans due to things you can’t possibly control? Our retreat specialists are here to help. No chatbots – just plain and simple human support when you need it.

Compare NextRetreat to other platforms

Simply put, NextRetreat is the most efficient way for teams to get together in a new location.

Self-organizingTravel agenciesBusiness travel toolsOTAs
Designed for teams
Cost FreeHighVaries
ContractsNo contractsRequiredSometimesNo contracts
Curated venues
Post-purchase supportNo support

Start planning your trip

Try NextRetreat App

They say the best things in life are free. So we made our retreat-building app freely available to every company with at least 10 team members. No tricks, no strings attached. After all we’ve been through lately, it’s time to simply enjoy the time together with your team – and NextRetreat is our way to get you there.

Praise from our customers

Ken Weary
VP of Operations, Hotjar
“NextRetreat team took great care of us and made sure our company meetup involving 60+ people was memorable and hassle-free. During the event, they were always on site and providing loads of behind the scenes support. They did a fantastic job! I highly recommend them.”
Vladimira Teskova
COO, TeskaLabs
“During the week we completed a project that would have taken three months. On top of that, we still found time to rest and had plenty of fun too! Quite simply, I have never experienced such efficient teamwork in my life. We recommend NextRetreat and will definitely come back!”

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