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Culture deck

A culture deck is a unique document, usually a presentation or series of slides that defines company’s culture, values and standardised vision. Culture deck can be sometimes referred to as ’employee handbook’.

Why are culture decks important? Well-defined culture can be the key to bringing your team together, standing out in your crowded market and scaling your business. Culture is one of the most effective tools to attract & retain top talent in your organisation, make your team stronger, and win new customers. As more companies understand the importance of culture as the competitive tool, they’re sharing their decks in order to attract top talent.

‘The famous culture deck of Netflix was one of the most viewed SlideShare presentations ever. 125 slides outlined the company’s values, expected behaviours and core philosophy (‘people over process’). The document demystified the company culture, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it is like to work at the company.’ Now you can find it here.

culture hotjar, culture deck

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